Grade 1 Activities - July, 2023-2024

Garden Walk

Topic: Plants Around Us

One of the best things to do on a nature walk is to simply observe what nature has to offer. Students were asked to observe different types of trees and plants in the school garden and discuss what they found.

Garden Walk - 1
Garden Walk - 2
Garden Walk - 3

Classification of Nouns / Naming Words

Students recognized and classified the words as nouns. Each of the three learning modalities was addressed in this activity. Visual Learners: Students who learn by seeing recognise and classifying pictures as nouns.

Orally recognizing the nouns in a sentence helped auditory learners. Reading the noun words, categorizing them, and placing them in the correct categories were all done by kinaesthetic learners.

Classification of Nouns - 1
Classification of Nouns - 2
Classification of Nouns - 3
Classification of Nouns - 4
Classification of Nouns - 5