NPS Sadashivanagar

Parents And Teachers

A Synergy

NPS Sadashivanagar believes that parental involvement is crucial for a healthy learning environment.

Teachers and parents collaborate to create a harmonious school life for the child.

Teachers are available for individual consultation after school by prior appointment to allow parents to discuss academic, personal and social developments of their wards.


At NPS Sadashivanagar, you have access to dedicated and experienced teachers who are experts in their fields. As life-long learners, our teachers undergo training periodically to keep abreast with the latest pedagogical practices.

Since the student teacher ratio is maintained at an optimal level, each student receives personalised attention.

Teachers are available to guide and counsel the students even after school hours.

Academic thrust

Academic life at NPS Sadashivanagar is inspiring and extremely rewarding. Being a child-centric school, we offer learning that is structured to meet the ends of different types of learners.

Active and collaborative learning strategies are incorporated into the lesson plans to ensure that learning is meaningful, engaging and enduring. Technology-enabled digital classrooms provide an interactive and immersive learning experience.