NPS Sadashivanagar

Our Vision

Within an empowering child-centric environment through numerous learning opportunities and best teaching practices, we strive to develop socially responsible, independent, knowledgeable, lifelong learners and leaders, equipped with multi-dimensional skills, values and integrity to positively impact and contribute as global citizens.

Our Guiding Principles

Our mission is to develop every child into a thinker, a leader, an entrepreneur, a global citizen… In this endeavour, we commit to:

  • Provide a secure, tranquil, and child-friendly environment
  • Recognise, cultivate, and nurture the uniqueness of every child
  • Inculcate a sense of self discipline, self-regulation, and empathy
  • Develop focus and dedication to the commitments of life
  • Instil the significance and substance of ‘integrity’
  • Promote independent thinking and respect for alternative views
  • Offer a deliberately designed work ethic to cope with the rigours of higher education
  • Inspire a thirst for knowledge and be receptive to the challenge of change
  • Create self-motivated seekers who constantly “Reach out, Reach high and Reach beyond”