The Leadership

Dr. K P Gopalkrishna,

Chairman and Founder Principal, NAFL, TISB and NPS Group of Schools

Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna

NPS Group of Institutions, GMC, NAFL & TISB

Education in the 21st century has become a vital need to address the major upheavals of a post pandemic world. Technology is also key to developing and transforming the landscape of education, connecting us all to a global arena.

All dynamic institutions in the world today know that creativity in the educational curriculum is the way forward. Teachers play a major role in building and implementing competencies for future complex worlds we have never encountered.

NPS Sadashivanagar raises the bar on educational excellence and shaping scientific temperament. It stimulates creativity and develops problem-solving skills in students. As a family-oriented school, we hold a deep-rooted belief that partnerships between the family and school lead to student fulfilment and success as adults.

Our mission is to offer a superior foundation for higher learning and an enriching liberal art education that motivate young people of cultural and intellectual diversity. Within a respectful and supportive setting, NPS Sadashivanagar promotes the academic, artistic, physical, moral, emotional, and cultural advancement of all students, actively shaping their lives and careers and inspiring them to become influential members in their families and communities.

Dr. (Mrs.) Santhamma Gopalkrishna

Co-founder & Dean, NPS Group of Institutions, NAFL & TISB

Dr. (Mrs.) Santhamma Gopalkrishna

Co-founder & Dean,
NPS Group of Institutions, GMC, NAFL & TISB

The transformation from childhood to adulthood is an important one. Education has a major role to play in this process.

NPS strives to provide an education that is a blend of progressive ideas from the best in the Indian setting and culture. We believe students must be given the right personal care and support so they can tackle the many complexities of today’s global society.

Our endeavour to education and our children is one of deep commitment and a promise to all-round development. As echoed by Swami Vivekananda, ‘Strength of mind is increased and intellect is expanded, in order that children take their right place in today’s world, stand on their feet, and walk tall.’ We aim to focus not only on the physical, mental and spiritual development of our students but also provide ample opportunity for life skills, character formation and personality development.

Best wishes to NPS Sadashivanagar!

Dr. (Mrs.) Bindu Hari

Vice Chairperson, NAFL, TISB & NPS Group of Schools

Dr. (Mrs.) Bindu Hari

Vice Chairperson,
NAFL, TISB & NPS Group of Schools

It is my belief that every student entering the doors of National Public School, has the ability to succeed and the ability to succeed not just academically but as an individual in their own unique way.

Every student comes to us with special goals, dreams and expectations of what their future life may hold and it is our role to help them achieve their potential. We aim to foster the confidence to explore a range of new interest, the opportunity to develop creative abilities and personal talents, to use their initiative to practice their leadership skills.

An enthusiastic and professional body of faculty ensures that excellence is promoted in all aspects of school life. We are proud of the strength of the partnership between parents, staff and students which underpins the degree of progress, our students attain.

Through a combination of dedication and understanding, commitment and support, we encourage our students to aim high and achieve their goals.

We extend a warm welcome to families joining NPS Sadashivanagar!

Ms. Piyali Shome, Principal

Ms. Piyali Shome


“Education is the passport to the future for those who prepare for it today.”

Under the mentorship of our Chairman K. P. Gopalkrishna, NPS is dedicated to providing educational excellence through a plethora of learning opportunities. We empower our learners with 21st century and problem-solving skills to help them make informed career choices. We transform them into value-driven, versatile and empathetic leaders.

Our teaching staff, recruited with due diligence undergoes rigorous professional development programs to deliver quality pedagogy.

Our objective is to provide a safe, secure, healthy, and challenging environment, in keeping with the robust and dynamic NEP.

We offer a wide range of academic, scholastic, sporting and co-curricular activities for our students to excel as entrepreneurs, professional and distinguished leaders of tomorrow. Education is not preparation for life, but life itself. So let the learning begin.