Grade 5 Activities - July, 2023-2024

Letter writing

As part of a Kannada letter-writing lesson, students eagerly penned letters to their families. This also gave them a glimpse of Indian Postal services.

Letter writing -1
Letter writing -2
Letter writing -3
Letter writing - 4
Letter writing - 5

खेल खेल में संज्ञा और सर्वनाम (मुझे पहचानो मैं हॅू कौन?)

The teacher displayed a variety of nouns and pronouns on the board, and the students diligently transcribed them onto their papers. They then identified the nouns by circling them and highlighted the pronouns by underlining them. Finally, they shared their work by posting it on the notice board for everyone to see.

Water Pollution -1
Water Pollution -2
Water Pollution -3
Water Pollution - 4

Chess Class

Grade 5 A students played chess on 10th July 2023 during their PE class by practicing basic moves.

Chess -1
Chess -2
Chess -3

Water Pollution

Students of Grade V designed a poster on Water Pollution as a plenary activity for the lesson " Nadiya Alalu” (ನದಿಯ ಅಳಲು).

Water Pollution -1
Water Pollution -2
Water Pollution -3
Water Pollution - 4
Water Pollution - 5

Sports Activity

Students of grade 5 practised one of the most difficult skills. They learnt manoeuvring and attacking moves. They propelled the ball towards their opponent's goal through individual control of the ball, such as by dribbling and feints; Ronaldinho would often employ such elaborate skills and feints, in order to beat defenders.

1. Football straight-line dribbling and Zig zag dribbling.
2. Volleyball Under Arm service and Under Arm receiving/ Pass.

Sports Activity -1
Sports Activity - 2
Sports Activity - 3
Sports Activity - 4