KG1 Activities - July, 2023

Sponge Magic: Kindergarten Delight in Colourful Metamorphosis

In a delightful artistic endeavour, the young minds of KG 1 embarked on a whimsical painting adventure using sponges. Unaware of the transformation about to unfold, they playfully dabbed various hues onto the sponge canvas. As the colours converged and evolved into splendidly vibrant butterflies, their astonishment knew no bounds. Awe-struck and brimming with happiness and anticipation, the children revelled in the enchanting spectacle brought to life through their sponge strokes.

Creative Abacus Creations - 1
Creative Abacus Creations - 2
Creative Abacus Creations - 3
Creative Abacus Creations -
Creative Abacus Creations - 6
Creative Abacus Creations - 5

Blue Day

Kindergarten children celebrated Blue Day with lots of fun and fervour. Children had an opportunity to come to school in their favourite blue colour dresses. They had all brought blue colour objects to show to their friends. They had fun colouring blue crayons, clouds, and a whale in their drawing books. The children also spoke about the objects they were carrying.

Blue Day - 1
Blue Day - 2
Blue Day - 3
Blue Day - 4
Blue Day - 5
Blue Day - 6

Finger Painting

Students of KG1 had a fun-filled time dabbing their fingers in hues of azure as part of the Blue Day Celebration. They made Bluebonnet flowers. All were amazed to see how a simple fingerprint can help to create a blue garden inside the class with each child creating his/her own blossoms.

Heavy and Light Object - 1
Heavy and Light Object - 2
Heavy and Light Object - 3

Heavy and Light Object

Students of KG1 understand the concept of heavy and light. A manual weighing balance was made using a hanger, woollen threads, and chickpeas were used to fill the cups. The cup which has more chickpeas was found to be heavier than the other. Children filled the cups themselves and found the difference in weight by holding them in their hands. They had fun doing the activity and understood the concept more clearly by practically doing this small experiment.

Heavy and Light Object - 1
Heavy and Light Object - 2
Heavy and Light Object - 3
Heavy and Light Object - 4
Heavy and Light Object - 5
Heavy and Light Object - 6
Heavy and Light Object - 7
Heavy and Light Object - 8

Use of our Senses

Children of KG 1 had a great time doing the activity "Use of our Senses". The materials used for this activity were the rough and smooth board, flowers, Tulasi leaves, biscuits, and a bell. Children tasted the biscuits, and smelled the flowers, to differentiate between rough and smooth. They learnt by tactile experience using the boards. By the end of the activity, they were all very excited and were able to tell the use of each sense.

Use of Senses - 1
Use of Senses - 2
Use of Senses - 3
Use of Senses - 4
Use of Senses - 5
Use of Senses - 6
Use of Senses - 7
Use of Senses - 8
Use of Senses - 9